Dooth, Inc., USA and Dooth Internet Services Pvt. Ltd., India, Announced the Launch of its Mobile Messaging Application

MUMBAI, KOCHI, India and FREMONT, California, Jan. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dooth, a next level signal protocol-based messaging app uses device-to-device encryption which is superior to traditional end-to-end encryption, and is feature rich with a user experience that surpasses many similar apps. It also complies with country-specific privacy requirements. Other upcoming features of the App include private social media, flexibility of secure email, encrypted file store and strong security features that safeguard private and sensitive information.

An online privacy, security and safety platform, Dooth does no tracking, profiling, or data mining. Messaging, e-mail and social media are private and there is no exploitation of one's data. In sharp contrast, companies like online service companies, the majority of their revenue is made by harnessing AI to collect tens of thousands of data-points about one under the pretence 'to better serve one.' But the cost is the loss of one's privacy and data, a concern that is being highly scrutinized currently by the congress.

Founder of Dooth, Vinod Nair states, 'It is high time that we take the first step to safeguard private and sensitive information, and the 'I-don't-care attitude' 'I have nothing to hide' merely gives mega-companies free access to insight into your personal preferences, your wallet, and surprisingly deep access to your subconscious mind to accurately predict behaviour. Companies exploit this inside knowledge about the buyers and their psychology.The less is known about you, the harder it is to exploit or take advantage of you. Seller have insights into the buyer and the buyers have no knowledge. This is 'imperfect competition' and is hurting consumers. To protect the consumer interest, you have to step up to create the near 'perfect competition' where consumers and sellers are operating on a level playing field, where no one has the leverage over the other such that the strings of supply and demand dictate the market.' He further states, 'Online companies that auction private information about our kids, our families and friends to the highest bidder must be stopped by the conscious minded parent and consumers.' Dooth consumer App is available for easy download from Play Store. Its IOS version on App Store is scheduled to be released in mid Feb.

Here are the highlights to some of our key features: Privacy § • No tracking, no profiling, no prying eyes, no stalking § • Online personal behaviour is not tracked§ • Personal and professional business is strictly confidential § • Data is a personal property • Sensitive data is stored in one's country Security • Device-to-device encryption more secure than end-to-end encryption • No spoofing and tracking • Prevent un-authorised phone number registration • Lock a chat when handing over the phone • Chat app medias are not visible in the gallery • Data is inaccessible if the phone is lost Personal Safety § • Last Message display lock • Hack-proof one's phone number to prevent un-authorized registration § • Prevents socially unsafe news circulation§ • Accidental video call lock information About Dooth: Founded in the Silicon Valley, California by Vinod Nair, the Dooth Project is a daring effort to build a private internet that extends the public internet, but that safeguards the individual's identity and data. To envision such an 'impossible' platform, instead of looking for technologies and innovations, Dooth looks back into history to find an ethically staunched profession ('Dooth,' a royal messenger) in ancient Indian civilization that guaranteed the privacy and security of messages exchanged.

The Dooth Platform offers unparalleled data privacy, information security, and personal safety; and online activities such as e-mail, chat, social media etc. Shared documents, pictures and others are protected, private, encrypted, and secure. Learn more at the Dooth website.