Don't want to wait for something dire to happen first: Robert Vadra on removal of SPG for the Gandhis

Robert Vadra today said that the removal of SPG security cover from the Gandhi family is part of political agenda and a major blunder of the Central government.

"The SPG security cover should not have been removed from the Gandhi family," he said.

"I don't know the reason why the security changes...had heard that there was a bill. But the level should be decided according to the threat perception. A bill or norm does not change the threat level," Vadra told reporters.

"There should be an understanding of what level of security is necessary," he added.

Upon being asked if there's any co-relation between the removal of SPG protection and the recent security breach, Vadra said that the security agency should know how and why the car was allowed in, reports the Free Press Journal's Sangeeta Pranvendra.

In the last week of November, seven people allegedly entered the residence of Priyanka Gandhi in New Delhi in a black SUV without any prior appointment and sought selfies with Gandhi.

"This could have turned into something very serious. We don't want to wait for something dire to happen before implementing a change," Vadra said.

Vadra was on his way to Ajmer via Jaipur to offer his prayers at Ajmer Dargah

Speaking to media at Jaipur airport, he said, "This is vendetta politics. The government is making wrong use of its agencies."

Speaking about the investigation into the land scam involving him, he said, "I will be present for investigation before any agency from wheresoever I have been summoned."

With regards the security lapse, Home Minister Amit Shah has promised an inquiry into the incident.

Interestingly, the family involved in the security breach said that they were party workers who had wanted to talk to Priyanka.

Sharda Tyagi, the mother of the car owner, Chandrashekhar Tyagi, said that they were "staunch Congressis", and that her son is contesting the elections and they wanted to talk to the Congress leader about the same, reports ANI.

She said that they had been wanting to meet the Congress leader for some time and had gone to her residence in New Delhi to seek an appointment.

"Priyanka Gandhi was entering her house and so we got to meet her. There was a security breach. The Home Guards opened the gate without even seeing who was sitting inside. We only went there once and saw such negligence. This is unacceptable," she said.

Tyagi said Priyanka Gandhi introduced them to a party member and asked to contact that person if we needed anything.

The incident has since spiraled into a political controversy. Many Opposition leaders have targeted the Central government over the breach.

(With inputs from agencies)