Don't present 'soft image' of Pak to please West, it reflects 'inferiority complex': Imran Khan

Sajjad Hussain
·1-min read

Islamabad, Jan 28 (PTI) Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said Pakistan should do away with its policy of presenting a 'soft image' of the country to please the West as it reflects an “inferiority complex”.

Addressing the launching ceremony of a documentary drama titled 'Pani Ke Punkh' in Islamabad, he said nations try to please others when they lack self-confidence.

'I repeatedly hear we need to present a soft image of Pakistan. What does a soft image mean? Why do we say this and if this soft image is established will the world consider us very good?...We shouldn't fall into this kind of misunderstanding; this is an inferiority complex. When a nation loses its confidence it tries to please people,” he said.

Instead, Khan said, the nation should strive for being seen as an independent country which has confidence in itself and does not have to rely on anyone for aid.

He said people shouldn't plan their actions based on what Western countries would approve, citing the example of the vision of 'enlightened moderation' introduced by former military ruler retired Gen Pervez Musharraf.

'We heard the term 'enlightened moderation' for the first time in our lives. Nobody knows what it means. Most people understood it that the more we resemble people in the West the more we will appear moderate. So people started speaking English and wearing Western clothes, and [thought] they had become moderate.

'Is this moderation? Please understand this is inferiority complex.' The prime minister reiterated that Pakistan had made a 'mistake' by entering the US 'War on terror'.

'We entered someone else's war which wasn't ours, we should've never joined it,' he said. PTI SH SCY SCY