Don't follow morning routine? You're missing out on these benefits

Meera Venugopal
·2-min read


25 Apr 2021: Don't follow morning routine? You're missing out on these benefits

Most of us are used to having a robotic lifestyle, where we wake up and go about our lives as per a routine.

It is apt to believe that our lives control us than the other way around in this setup.

However, having a planned morning routine helps us gain control of lives, and sets the right tone for the rest of the day.

Importance: Our energy levels are maximum in the morning hours

Studies suggest that the way we start our mornings has a huge impact on the rest of the day.

Our energy levels are maximum in the earlier hours of the day, and effectively using this time to make decisions and finish important tasks is a great way to not pile it up until later in the day, when we have a lot going on.

Benefits: You will get confidence, mind will be calm

Rushing to catch the bus or skipping breakfast will be a thing of the past if you start the day early.

A morning routine provides us with a sense of confidence and helps to keep our calm during a crisis.

A fixed routine plays a vital role in productivity, and helps in the completion of tasks while being in the right frame of mind.

Customize: Customize your mornings to best suit your requirements

Wake up no later than 6 am, every day. Start your day with a glass of warm water.

Embrace a morning walk or some peaceful meditation. The idea is to customize your mornings in a way that is best suited for your mind and body.

Make a list of your priorities for the day.

Have a healthy breakfast before heading out.

Be kind: Do not be harsh on yourself for a few lapses

We know that it takes about 21 days of consistent practice to embrace a habit.

Do not be harsh on yourself if you sleep off one day or if you are unable to run the next.

Like every habit, morning routines take time, and the will to follow it will eventually get you there.

Work around the schedule that's best suited for you.

Night routine: Practice a consistent night time routine, aim for 7-hours sleep

Like morning routines, a consistent night-time routine is just as important.

Start by having dinner minimum two hours before you hit the bed.

Next, it is important to limit screen time before bedtime. Leave your gadgets outside your bedroom and focus on 'me' time.

Relax your mind by sitting with yourself for 10 minutes, and make sure to get seven hours of sleep.