Don’t Miss This Opportunity to See a Baby-Faced Geoffrey Rush

Will Lerner
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On the Australian show The Weekly, host Charlie Pickering welcomed Geoffrey Rush to his program. During their interview, Pickering showed footage of Rush in his mid-20s! “So, first off, it’s safe to say that was a while ago,” Pickering noted.

Geoffrey Rush in The King’s Speech. (Photo: the Weinstein Company/courtesy Everett Collection)

“I was close to being in the womb,” Rush joked.

“And I’m curious, what did you learn from being a clown that you use in your career?” asked Pickering.

“It was really an approach to acting through movement, and through masks, and through comedian masks and so forth,” explained Rush. “And the final thing that you did was to try and find your own fundamental, personal identity for imaginative release.”

Rush explained that this class would wind up helping him prepare for one of his roles, a role that just might surprise you — Albert Einstein in Genius. “Einstein had a lot of impish, clownish qualities and that was something I thought about a lot in the creation of that role — just to avoid constantly playing an astrophysicist, or a genius, you can’t walk around all day kind of wide-eyed, going, ‘I’m so bright, I’m so bright,’” he mused.

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