Donkeys Painted Black and White to Look Like Zebras for Safari-Themed Party in Spain

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Animal rights activists were outraged over two donkeys being painted like zebras for a safari-themed wedding reception at a Spanish beach town.

The animals were filmed loitering outside a bar last Saturday by a local in El Palmar, a town in Cadiz, Daily Mail reports.

The man said he alerted animal rights campaigners to the plight of the animals as the treatment meted out to them was “shameful.”

“The donkeys, in danger of extinction, used for tourist exploitation,” Angel Tomás Herrera Peláez wrote in a Facebook post and posting a video and pictures of the black-and-white painted donkeys.

The animals were brought in the morning, painted in the beating sun and not given a shade throughout the day, Daily Mail quoted an Andalucia Informacion report.

The Mother Earth Platform brought the case to the attention of local officials and the civil guard.

The OCA (Agricultural and Commercial Office) of Cadiz said an investigation has been launched into the matter.

Local media reports said that the bar known as a 'chiringuito' usually hosts only private events like weddings and communions.

There have been several complaints against the bar in the past and it gained notoriety for its parties.