Donald Trump's Lawyer Farted in the Middle of a Hearing and Twitter Won’t Let it Go

Buzz Staff
·2-min read

In a year that doesn't seem to be ending fast enough for Rudy Giuliani, US President Donald Trump's personal attorney faced yet another embarrassment when he farted while spreading conspiracy theories during a recent hearing.

The greasy lawyer and sycophantic Trump-aide, best known for his false claims and dripping hair dye, landed himself in a rather 'steamy' situation recently when he passed gas in the middle of a court hearing.

The incident occurred in Lancing, Michigan at a hearing in which Giuliani was fielding questions about Trump's baseless accusations of voter fraud and

The squeaky little farts were heard not only by those sitting adjacent to Giuliani but also picked up by the courtroom microphones. A video of the flatulence has been going viral on social media.

Netizens also noted the hilarious expression on the face of the woman sitting beside Giuliani during the hearing, which many felt summed up the entire 2020 mood.

This is not Giuliani's first brush with the public embarrassment this year. First, he was seen "fooling around" with a television reporter in 'Borat', then he mistakenly held a press conference at a parking lot, and then he was seen dripping black hair dye while addressing reporters.