Donald Trump uses Davos speech to talk up 'tremendous' possible trade deal with Britain's 'wonderful' prime minister Boris Johnson

Jacob Jarvis
AFP via Getty Images

Donald Trump has said he is "looking forward" to striking a new trade deal with Britain as he branded Boris Johnson a "wonderful" prime minister.

Addressing the World Economic Forum today in Davos, he said: "We look forward to negotiating a tremendous new deal with the UK.

"They have a wonderful new prime minister who very much wants to make a deal, as they say."

Downing Street will be hoping to secure a fresh agreement with the United States following Brexit and the US president's comments allude to such a plan being a possibility.

Britain is set to depart from the European Union, allowing it to diverge in trade agreements from the bloc, on January 31.

Previously, the UK and US have said "extensive preparations" have been made. The nations are free to negotiate upon Britain's departure from the bloc and the timing of the US presidential election means that a deal in the summer of 2020 could be Mr Trump's goal.

The US president used the majority of his speech to trumpet his work in office - hitting out at his predecessor who he accused of leaving "wreckage".

His praise of Mr Johnson was not his only gregarious comment towards a fellow leader - as he also spoke of his "love" for China's Xi Jinping.

"Xi is for China, I'm for the United States. Other than that we love each other," he said.

Touting his desire for fresh trade deals including that being negotiated with China he claimed to have stood up to "predatory practices" from the nation.

Despite stating tariffs placed on China would likely remain in place as negotiations continue he added: "Our relationship with China right now has probably never been better".

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