Donald Trump Unfazed by Georgia Setback, Tells Supporters at Washington Rally 'Will Never Concede'

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Washington, January 6: Unfazed by the setback in Georgia Senate runoff polls, US President Donald Trump told supporters at a rally in Washington that he will "never concede defeat" to rival Joe Biden in the presidential election. Trump further claimed that he has directed Vice President Mike Pence to not to certify Biden's victory in the Congress.

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"We will never give up, we will never concede," Trump said at a rally at the Ellipse park area which was attended by thousands of his supporters. The President assured them that he would not back down from his campaign to overturn the poll results. "We will stop the steal," he added. Donald Trump Asks Vice President Mike Pence to Send Votes Back to States.

The President also lashed out at Republican Governors who plan to issue the victory certificate to Biden from their respective states - where the Democratic candidate ended up scoring a win in the November 3 polls. Such Republicans are "weak", Trump said, adding that they lacked the valour to challenge the voting "fraud".

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Update by AFP

Trump lost the popular vote count to Biden by around 4.5 percentage points. In terms of electoral college votes, the President could bag 232 votes, whereas, the Democratic veteran secured 302 -- way above the 270 required to clinch presidency.

The President, however, has refused to accept the poll results. Citing his lead on the Election Night, when only the in-person votes were counted in most provinces, Trump continues to reiterate that he had "clearly won". His campaign team has alleged a massive voter fraud through the unprecedented use of mail-in ballots.

The American courts, however, have found no merit in the allegations levelled by the Trump campaign so far. Even the Supreme Court, where conservative judges are considered to outnumber liberals following the nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the petition challenging poll results was rejected.

Even as Trump continues to raise the bogey of voter fraud, the Republicans suffered yet another setback as they appear to be losing both seats in the Georgia runoff polls. While Democrat Jon Ossoff is leading against GOP's David Perdue, the Blue Party's Raphael Warnock was declared the winner against Kelly Loeffler by The Associated Press.