Donald Trump Trolled for Sharing 'Independence Day' Meme Featuring Himself as President amid Pandemic

President of United States Donald Trump loves his own memes, especially if they are video spoofs of films that have been photoshopped to feature him in the lead role.

After his tryst with Bollywood memes, Trump is back amid the coronavirus pandemic with a new meme from the Hollywood film "Independence Day". And like in the previous videos, his and his supporters' faces have been Photoshopped on the faces of the actors.

In the scene that was memed, actor Bill Pullman was delivering a speech while playing a fictional version of the US President while the world was under attack by aliens. In the speech, the President who is a former pilot calls forth the brave of the country to "not go quietly into the night" and to fight the aliens with all their might and power.

The speech wins the applause of the enraptured audience and other pilots. Only in case of the meme, the actors' face shad been replaced by the awestruck faces of his Fox fans Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. Daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump was also part of the cheering crowd among others.

In the video, "Trump" can be seen asking pilots (who seemingly represent the citizens of US) to get over their "petty differences" and fight against the common enemy.

The meme was shared among growing criticism of Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US which has already killed 89,420 people and brought to the American economy to one of its lowest.

The post was heavily trolled on social media with many remaining uncertain of what the President was even trying to say with it. Critics also slammed the President for promoting a deepfake video on his official Twitter handle while trolls said that sharing a morphed clip of a fictional President was the only way Trump could deliver a moving speech.