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New York City, 1978

From left: Donald Trump, Mayor Ed Koch, Gov. Hugh Carey, and Robert T. Dormer pose with an artist’s conception of the New York Hyatt Hotel at a launching ceremony on June 28, 1978. (Photo: AP)

Donald Trump, 71, through the years

His name is on skyscrapers, casinos, country clubs, neckties, jewelry, cologne, a shelf-full of books, a self-proclaimed “university,” a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — and official portraits throughout the Oval Office.

He has five children by three different wives; he hosted a long-running television show and sponsored golf tournaments, beauty pageants and championship fights. He ran a magazine and an airline. He has sent out more tweets than all the high school juniors in the United States put together. And he’s ordered airstrikes on a Syrian airbase.

Yes, President Trump has lived a very full life up till now, and as he turns 71 on Tuesday, he’s leading an administration through one of the most tumultuous periods in recent presidential history.

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