Donald Trump Sued By Chinese American Civil Rights Group For Calling Coronavirus As "Chinese Virus"

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A Chinese-American civil rights group has sued former president of the United States (US) Donald Trump in a federal court in New York for having called the Coronavirus the “China virus”, reports The Economic Times.

In its complaint, the group called Chinese Americans Civil Rights Coalition (CACRC) has claimed that given the origin of coronavirus is not yet determined, Trump’s use of the phrase “Chinese virus” and other similar “racist slurs” is baseless and that these have harmed the community.

The complaint states that Trump’s conduct was extreme and outrageous and that it was carried out throughout the pandemic with reckless disregard of whether it would cause emotional distress to Chinese Americans.

The complaint by CACRC also added, “(Trump) intentionally repeated those defamatory words to serve his own personal and political interest with an astonishing level of actual malice and negligence, hence severely injuring the Chinese/Asian Americans communities in the process.”

The CACRC has demanded that one dollar be paid to every Asian American and Pacific Islander living in the US as an apology, which would total $22.9 million.

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