Is this how Donald Trump can raise his ratings through WWE WrestleMania 33?

Sayantan Maitra
donald trump, wwe

Donald Trump has been one of the main reasons why the WrestleMania 23 in 2007 has remained one of the best events of the WWE in its long, illustrated history. Back then, when he shaved Vince McMahon, Trump wasn't even close to politics, but now, he is the 45th American president.

Been just a decade only! 

With the need to get back to their best in terms of ratings, WWE staff are working day in and out in an effort to become great again. Trump's appearance at the WrestleMania 33 on Sunday, April 2, therefore, remains a top priority.

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Trump facing Arnold Schwarzenegger remains atop the wishlist for everyone!

In what might come as a sensational surprise for many, this is what is being planned by the Trump administration ahead of WrestleMania 33. Phil Blackwell of the Perch mag has shared with us a sensational report. He mentions that according to an "extremely credible source", Trump made a phone call to Vince just days ahead of the grand WWE event to discuss an incredible proposition.

What is it: Trump has asked Vince to shift the WrestleMania 33 from the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida, to the White House!!!

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Trump has mentioned that he has planned on erecting a temporary stadium within the Ellipse, located south of the White House fence. The arena will be seating a "million and a half" WWE fans. Refer to the above picture.

"They'll come from miles. It'll be full. I predict a million, million and a half people," Trump has been quoted as saying. "It will be the biggest and best WrestleMania ever. Nobody puts on a better show than me. It'll be on the internet, behind a paywall. I'll make them pay for it. The best WrestleMania ever. You wait."

Also, WrestleMania will be now termed as..."Congressional Mania."

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Disclaimer: With WrestleMania 33 falling just around the April Fools' Day period, we couldn't but help tease you. This is what you call, according to Trump...a FAKE NEWS.


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