Donald Trump will not accept 'bad deal’ on Afghanistan, says White House official

Shubham Ghosh

Washington, March 23: US President Donald Trump is known to be fastidious when it comes to accepting international deals. The world has already seen him pulling his country out of key international deals like the Paris Climate Agreement and the nuclear pact with Iran.

A White House official now has said that the president will not be ready to accept any "bad deal" with the Taliban on the question of Afghanistan either. The Taliban and US negotiators are amid talks over establishing peace in the country and recently had their latest rounds in Qatar.

"We are certainly prioritizing peace efforts in Afghanistan. But as with all negotiations that involve vital US national security interests, we have contingency plans. The president has indicated he hopes for the best in these peace talks, but he will also not accept a bad deal," the official told reporters at the White House on Wednesday.

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The official also warned that if the peace talks with the Taliban fail, the US will weigh other options, including the military one though the same has failed to yield results for Washington for more than 17 years now as they have remained stuck in the Afghanistan quagmire.

Afghanistan's TOLO News has cited an political analyst, Sayed Naqibullah Hashemi as saying: "It is difficult to resolve Afghanistan's issue through military. Because, in the four decades of war in Afghanistan and 18 years of foreign forces presence in Afghanistan, the issue has not been solved."

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