Donald Trump Jr. gets his makeup done in an American flag smock

Donald Trump Jr., pictured in 2017, documented his pampering. (Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Ivanka and Melania Trump‘s style regularly makes headlines — but now it’s Donald Jr.’s time to shine.

Donald Trump Jr. appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, but first hopped on the Fox News makeup chair backstage. The president’s eldest son couldn’t resist documenting his pampering and his approval of the American flag makeup smock he was given to wear as his “war paint” was applied.

And because nothing involving a Trump does not spark debate, his posts are now filled with comments that either call the smock a patriotic gesture or denounce it as “disrespectful.”

“People shouldn’t kneel for the national anthem,” wrote one follower. “They also should not use our flag as a smock. Just sayin.'”

“American flag as a smock?” read another comment. “If some Democrat did that, there would be a huge rant amongst conservatives about [how] only the military is aloud [sic] to wear a flag as a patch on clothing. And that your [sic] disrespecting the people who died that represent the red stripes. I mean when Obama didn’t wear a flag pin, he was labeled ‘Unamerican’ and ‘not presidential.’ But, I’m not that petty.”

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