Donald Trump claims premature victory & asserts Election Fraud; Pledges to mount a legal challenge

The big story that is coming from the United States, who is going to be the next US President as the votes are yet to be counted. President Donald Trump asserted election fraud and pledged to mount a legal challenge to official state results he also has made what many are calling a premature claim of victory in a bitterly contested race that may take days to resolve. Donald Trump claimed that he has won several states. He, in a press conference, stated that he won many states and the kind of margins that he has gone up by. He has alleged a big fraud on America. Donald Trump acts Incumbent and Joe Biden acts hopeful, neck and neck in the fight for the office. Joe Biden leads with a narrow margin for now. The world is hooked. Unprecedented delay in the Presidential verdict, counting of mail-in votes across the state is still in the process, Donald Trump says ‘it is a fraud on democracy’ and declares that he will move to the court.