‘Don’t want to but have to’: Parents relate to Smriti Irani’s post on letting

Irani post comes days after her earlier one, where she shared about her son and how he soon would be leaving home in "pursuit of his dreams".

Smriti Irani, who often takes to social media to voice her opinion on various issues, left many parents emotional when she posted a photograph of her children along with a caption that read, "When they are grown up enough to let go… don't want to but have to." The picture shows both her children — son Zohr and daughter Zoish — wearing almost identical camouflage print jackets and walking ahead.

Days ago, Irani had posted on Instagram how his soon would be leaving home in "pursuit of his dreams". "This firstborn of mine has grown up to be a loving & responsible young man. Wrote his first 12th board exam today, will leave home soon in pursuit of his dreams," she wrote as she shared a picture with her son.

Many parents were able to relate to the post and agreed with Irani. "This is the day every parent has to see. I am a mom to a 3-year-old and don’t want her to go to school," read one of the comments on the viral post.