Don’t Trust Your Real Estate Broker When He Says...

Have you ever gone house hunting? If yes, then you’ll totally relate to this!

Brokers are definitely not easy to deal with but it’s also just as difficult to crack a house deal without them. We’ve compiled some ridiculous things that real estate brokers in India say.

Meet The Deal-Errrr

The only man you need.

He will definitely make you feel like he is your hero and the only person on this planet who can get you your dream home.

Itne Paise Main Itna Hi Milega

Every time the broker tells me “Itne paise main itna milega”.

When their answer to every problem is “Budget badhana hoga”

Never Trust Their ‘View’point

Their definition of a room with a view can be completely different from yours 

If your real estate broker tells you that the house is sea facing, it could just mean he has got you a house in ‘B’ wing that faces the ‘C’ Wing.

15 Saal Se Yeh Hi Bujiness Mein Hain

Well, congrats! 

All I can say to that is congratulations!

Real estate brokers have a knack for sensing emotions and they play well with it ;)

Talent: Abhilash Thapliyal
Camera: Yashpal Singh & Divya Talwar
Edit: Veeru Krishan Mohan