Don’t panic in home isolation, by rushing to hospital, you’re creating more chaos: AIIMS Director

New Delhi, Apr 21 (ANI): Amid increasing demand of Remdesivir injections across the country, Delhi AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria on April 21 advised countrymen don’t consider Remdesivir as a magic bullet as it requires for only small percentage of COVID patients. “It is important to understand that most of us who are either in home isolation or in the hospital, because panic, don't actually need any specific treatment. Only small percentage requires Remdesivir. Don't consider this as a magic bullet,” said Dr Guleria while addressing issues related to COVID-19 in the country. “By rushing to the hospital, you are creating more chaos and not helping yourself and you are actually denying a bed to fellow citizen who may need it but may not get it because of unnecessary hospitalisation of people who don’t need to be in hospital,” Dr Guleria further added.