Don’t let guards down as COVID death rate still on rise, advise doctors

New Delhi, May 28 (ANI): Senior Director and HOD of Chest & Respiratory Diseases Department BLK Super Speciality Hospital Sandeep Nayar talked about the number of COVID cases declining. He said that even though cases are coming down, people still need to wear mask and take all the necessary precautions. He said, “The situation is comparatively better as we now have sufficient beds and oxygen. But still the death rate is high as the 2nd wave was dangerous”. Dr Amrendra Kumar Jha credited lockdown for decline in the number of new COVID cases. Dr Jha added “The number of test should be taken more than now and people are also misinformed in some areas”. However, Dr. Jha also said that death rate is increasing. He also urged people to visit hospitals before the situation turns worse.

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