‘Don’t Forget Me, I’ll Continue to Entertain’: TikTok Users on Ban

Video Editor: Vishal Kumar and Kunal Mehra

The Government of India has banned 59 mobile apps, including TikTok, UC Browser and other Chinese apps on Monday, 29 June, calling them “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, the security of the state and public order”.

Since the ban, one of the raging debates has been how a lot of Indians were invested in TikTok, which was widely accessible to the general masses, irrespective of social status and age groups.

Amid all this, some TikTok users posted their videos, expressing sadness at bidding goodbye to the platform that gave them an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Ajay Barman, a user, said, “I can see my dreams being shattered. I feel like my dreams are getting away from me.”

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‘Entertained & Got Entertained’

Another user Imran said, “Whatever talent I had, I used to show it on TikTok, and I learnt in return as well. TikTok wasn't just an entertainment platform but it also had a lot of videos that gave knowledge to people about every day life, whether it is dance or comedy.”

He added, “We were not just entertaining, but getting entertained in return as well.”

Devanshu Mahajan noted that he had lost three of his accounts before.

“I didn’t lose then, and I haven’t lost now. I have my accounts on YouTube and Instagram. I will upload my videos there and make people laugh,” he said.

‘Worked Hard to Get Where I Am’

Another TikTok user Shezaad stated, “In the past one and half years, I made a lot of videos. I tried entertaining you all. The news of ban of TikTok has really saddened me. I had worked hard to get where I am.”

The decision by the government has come after over two weeks since the violent clashes at Galwan Valley area between India and China.

Barman also pointed out, “This decision has been taken keeping the nation in mind. The nation is bigger than my dreams to me. I support this decision. Not once, but even if my dreams are shattered 10 times, it won't matter to me.”

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