‘Don’t be f***ing stupid’: Sophie Turner appears to shade Evangeline Lilly for refusing to self-isolate over coronavirus

Roisin O'Connor
Sophie Turner urged fans to follow advice from health officials after Evangeline Lilly revealed she was continuing 'business as usual': Rex

Sophie Turner appeared to take a swipe at fellow actor Evangeline Lilly – and anyone refusing to self-isolate during the coronavirus pandemic – in a new Instagram Live video.

Earlier this week, Lilly announced on Instagram that she was practising “business as usual” by taking her kids to a gymnastics camp.

The Lost star came under heavy criticism given health officials believe social distancing will help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and ease pressure on health services – ultimately saving more lives.

“I have two young kids,” Lilly told a fan who called her decision irresponsible. “Some people value their lives over their freedom, some people value freedom over their lives.”

Appearing in a live video with her husband, Joe Jonas, Turner urged her own followers to “stay inside” and not to be “f***ing stupid”.

“Even if you count your ‘freedom over [...] your health,” she wrote.

Without mentioning Lilly by name, Turner said: “I don’t give a f*** about your freedom.... You could be infecting other people, other vulnerable people around you by doing this. So stay inside guys!”

Given her comments came just a day after Lilly’s post, many fans believe Turner was responding to her.

Other artists criticised Lilly directly on her Instagram post. Self-portrait photographer Georgia Rosie Hardy wrote: “Whilst yes, you may value your freedom over your life and that is your own choice, unfortunately you also are saying you value your temporary freedoms over someone else’s life. Your choice affects them too.

“I do not know you and I do not wish you harm, but please self isolate and consider how our actions affect the vulnerable right now.”

Italian actor Elena Barolo added: “Sorry, but it’s not #bussinessasusual . It’s a real big big problem that now is condemning the whole world. Here in Italy, even we have a good healthy program, the people are dying every day for suffocation.

“Please, stay at home, just for this period. It’s important. Believe me.”

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