Don’t Take The Cheese, And Other Tax Planning Tips with Author and Certified Financial Planner, Reginald Clark

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Reginald Clark is a well-respected Certified Financial Planner based out of Memphis, Tennessee, and the founder of P3 Financial Group ( He and his team are dedicated to providing expert financial advice and education to their clients. They take a hands-on approach with their clients, ensuring that each individual has the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their financial futures.

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When did you discover your passion for financial planning?

Reginald Clark: I was attending the University of Memphis and majoring in finance when a professor introduced me to the financial advisor career. I was instantly intrigued by the idea of being able to combine my passion for finance with an opportunity to help people. I graduated and got a job working with a local financial planning firm. I worked there for a few years before setting out on my own to found P3 Financial Group in 2002.

What does P3 stand for?

Reginald Clark: P3 stands for Plan, Protect, Prosper. We’re dedicated to offering the best financial advice in the industry while setting up our clients for long term financial success, before and after retirement. We offer everything from retirement planning services, investment management, and life insurance.

Who is your main clientele demographic?

Reginald Clark: We work with a lot of retirees or soon-to-be retirees. In the next 10 years, 10,000 Baby Boomers will retire each day. Those folks will need support, and we are committed to offering that support while educating them along the way.

Why is education such a big part of what you do?

Reginald Clark: I want my clients to be financially literate and to understand WHY we make the decisions we do. It’s much more gratifying to work with a client who understands their finances and is informed to make the right decision for their future and their family legacy. This was the motivation behind writing my first book, “Don’t Take That Cheese,” I wanted to get my message into as many hands as possible and I realized publishing a book was a great way to do so (

What topics does “Don’t Take That Cheese” cover?
Reginald Clark: I have hypothesized for years that in the next decade or so, taxes will double. There are tax traps that thousands of Americans fall into each day, I call this “the cheese.”

Traditional financial advice typically encourages individuals to max out their 401K. However, we take a different approach. I urge my clients to match what their company contributes to their 401K and then put the remainder of their investment funds into an after-tax vehicle such as a ROTH IRA or LIRP. By contributing to an after-tax retirement plan, those funds will come back tax-free, as opposed to the taxes you’ll pay down the road on your 401K. I realize that people are motivated to contribute to their 401K because of the instant gratification they receive from their income tax deduction. However, that entire contribution will be taxable down the road. It is much wiser to allocate some funds after-tax, which will be exempt from future taxes. The book covers tax planning strategies and more. With the right strategy, anyone can avoid tax traps and set themselves up for a much better retirement.

To inquire about financial planning with P3 Financial Group, visit For any individual thinking about retirement, Reginald Clark’s book is a great place to start, head to, Amazon, or your local bookstore to purchase.

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