Don’t use agencies to settle scores, Manmohan Singh tells PM Modi government

Mumbai: Former PM Manmohan Singh on Friday cautioned the Narendra Modi government against using investigative agencies to pursue “political vendettas”.

The ED has got more powers than ever under the Modi government, and these powers should be used judiciously, he said. Singh’s comments came at a time when his former cabinet colleague P Chidambaram is in jail after being arrested in the INX Media case.

“I sincerely hope that political vendettas will not be used to settle scores with politicians of different hues,” Singh, whose own government had once faced alle­gations of using central agencies such as CBI for political gains, said.

“The ED has now got more powers than it had ever before, our hope is these powers will be used not to settle political scores,” he told the media in Mumbai ahead of assembly poll.

He was replying to a question about the ED summoning Patel, another former ministerial colleague of his. Singh expressed confidence the govt will ensure Patel gets justice, underlining he should be presu­med innocent till proven guilty.