Dominica HC grants interim bail to Mehul Choksi on medical grounds

New Delhi, July 13 (ANI): The Dominica High Court on July 12 granted interim bail to fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi on medical grounds. The court has asked him to deposit 10,000 Eastern Caribbean dollars (EC) as security. Choksi's lawyer Vijay Aggarwal said interim bail has been granted till "he is certified fit to travel" and after that, he has to come back to Dominica. “Today, rule of law has been upheld by Dominican HC. Our stand was that even an accused has right to be treated by doctor of his own choice. Due to torture, Mehul Choksi developed neurological issues. There were no fine facilities in Dominica,” Aggarwal told ANI. “Once he (Mehul Choksi) is certified fit to travel, then only he will go to Dominica. All the proceedings of illegal entry against Mehul Choksi will be put in abeyance,” he added. The 62-year-old fugitive is wanted in India in connection with a Rs 13,500-crore fraud in the Punjab National Bank (PNB).

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