This Dolphin is Getting Gifts for Visitors From Depths of the Ocean Because it Misses Human Interaction

Dolphins are considered smart for a reason. Their acts of intelligence are quite impressive.

In one such incident, a humpback dolphin is leaving people in awe by bringing them gifts from the bottom of the ocean.

The dolphin, named Mystique, dives into the ocean and takes out items such as bottles, coral and shells for visitors at the Barnacles Cafe and Dolphin Feeding Centre on Queensland’s Cooloola Coast.

Surprisingly, the 29-year-old male dolphin has not been trained for this, reported Australia’s ABC News.

“One male dolphin brings in objects on his rostrum, or beak, and then he carefully presents them to us,” said dolphin feeding volunteer Lyn McPherson. People have to just offer a fish in return McPherson revealed that the dolphin was bringing more gift items these days when the feeding centre was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With no visitors around, Mystique was presenting the gifts to the volunteers. The centre reopened after May 16, following easing of restrictions in Australia.

During school holidays as many as 200 people can visit the centre per day.

Mystique is one of the seven dolphins part of the wild dolphin feeding program. There is another male dolphin, but it does not take out gifts. It just goes with the Mystique to find items and volunteers have to give it a fish as well.

“He stands out because he gets raked up fighting with other males,” McPherson said. Mystique came to Tin Can Bay with its mother in 1991.