Dollie Solanki inspires women of all age-groups with her lifestyle blog ‘The Bombay Brunette’

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Blogs have become very popular in this past decade as people turn towards them for unbiased and honest opinions and reviews. Lifestyle blogs, in particular, have grown in popularity and have given many bloggers and influencers recognition in the digital space. One such blog is (initially Indian Shringar), started by Dollie Solanki, an established blogger who started her blogging journey in 2012. As a mother of two young children, she started her blog as a creative outlet and to showcase her passion for beauty, lifestyle and travel.

The concept of blogging has become immensely popular amongst the youth today and Dollie has been inspiring many amateur bloggers with her work. It was in 2017, she decided to revamp her blog. “On completing five years of blogging, I decided to give my blog a more contemporary and chic avatar and hence, ‘Indian Shrinagar’ became ‘The Bombay Brunette’ making it more relatable for the millenial audience.”, said Dollie. While her love for makeup was present even as a child, when she used to play with her mother’s makeup, her passion for skincare was fueled when she learnt French and started reading French Elle and Vogue. Because of this, she was the go-to person for product reviews and recommendations among her friends in the pre-blog era. Even on the blog, Dollie does not just sell the product but explains her own personal experience to the followers in an unbiased way.

While ‘The Bombay Brunette’ has been the ultimate destination for all the fashion, beauty and travel lovers, Dollie juggles many different roles. Besides being a hands-on mother, she is also an entrepreneur who has opened her own Pilates and Physiotherapy center. When asked how she juggles between her personal and professional life, Dollie said, “It’s all about the discipline you follow and the priorities you set. It is difficult and sometimes, the blog does take a back seat to personal responsibilities but I truly love juggling all the different roles I play.”

As a blogger, Dollie has worked with some of the best brands over these eight years. ‘The Bombay Brunette’ is all about beauty, fashion and travel and its Instagram page has some of the best beauty videos created by Dollie. Being a mother and a successful blogger today, Dollie has broken the stereotype that women cannot work after becoming mothers. She says that age is just a number and women of all ages can have fun with their makeup and outfits. For her work, she has been acknowledged among the best Beauty Bloggers of India and has also won the Best Beauty & Skin Blog of India Award at the prestigious WIN15 Blogging Awards.

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