Doing UPI Transaction: You Should Still Keep Your Bank A/c Secret: Here's How

Roshni Agarwal

As UPI transactions have crossed mark and there have surfaced numerous scams around it, customers should all the more be careful and here is given the procedure how to use UPI interface if you are a first time or potential customers who wants to transact using UPI platform.

Why UPI?

Introduced by NPCI, the platform offers seamless payment solution that does not need payee's account number and provides safe, seamless an hassle free payment solution. Further you also can get away from the efforts involved in managing cash.

How to start using UPI interface?

For activating UPI interface on your mobile phone, you need to download UPI through BHIM app and then proceed on for the generation of UPI PIN through mobile banking. Now for the activation of the platform, you need to give in the requisite details such as name, provide in VPA or virtual Id and passcode.

Then in the next step you need to add or link or manage bank account and link the bank and account number.

For the bank account then you need to create the UPI PIN which is to be produced using the debit card details.

Once the UPI PIN is set, you can pay utility bill payments, transfer money and other fund transactions.

The UPI PIN can also be generate through m or mobile banking.

1. In the first step, you need to select the bank account from wherein you wish to carry out the transaction.

2. Then you need to click on generate UPI PIN or mobile banking registration

Notably several thefts or scams have been reported where the barcode or UPI PIN is requested when there is a transaction involving receipt of money, which otherwise does not requires UPI PIN.

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