#DogsAtPollingStations: Here's Why UK Voters Turned Up with Pets for Brexit Ballot

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The hashtag #dogsatpollingstations once again trended on social media in the UK as the quirky tradition of posting images of dogs outside polling stations took the nation by storm.

The United Kingdom, which went to polls for the third time in four years, saw millions stepping out to exercise their franchise which sees heavyweights like Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn in contention. The voting on Thursday, December 12, saw Johnson winning the elections. After his sweeping victory, the PM said Britain would leave the European Union by January 31.

As voters thronged to polling booths, many were accompanied by their pet pooches as well. Using the hashtag #dogsatpollingstations, voters took to social media to share images of their canines outside the voting stations.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also took part in the election tradition shared an image of his pet, along with the caption, "Folks, today is the day. Vote Conservative to get Brexit done."

A number of other voters took to their Twitter handle to share their views on the ongoing election as well. While one rued that people were not voting, using dog allusions, writing, "Loki unimpressed at the miserable December weather! If the pooches made it, make sure you vote too," another wrote, "Today is so incredibly important, please get out there and vote."

Another person shared an image of her dog and opined on the importance of polling. The person wrote, "This is Hester. She's only 3 months old, so she's too young to vote, but she wants you all of you to go out and vote on her behalf. "

Here are a few more tweets that showed pets at the polling stations: