'Dogs in Goggles' is a Real Thing and Here's Why the Internet is Going Crazy

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While you may be eyeing the latest shades in the market — a perfect foil to the festive fashion statement — have you wondered if a pair of shade would look equally good on your pet pooch or not? Turns out American adventurer, dogsled racer, author, and nonfiction writer Blair Braverman actually has given it some thought. The author recently took to Twitter, to announce something. She wrote, "I need to show you something important," before going on to add that her pet pooch "Flame got glasses."

Flame got sunglasses. pic.twitter.com/swg0xUQA72

— Blair Braverman (@BlairBraverman) September 16, 2019

The author went on to post a series of images of Flame, who looks like she is an Indie, calling her 'unstoppable' and 'so much cooler' than her. The author even posted an image where Flame can be seen sporting a yellow scarf which the author captioned, "pick her up in your convertible at 3."

She is unstoppable. pic.twitter.com/K7nTE7YAXv

— Blair Braverman (@BlairBraverman) September 16, 2019

These photos are blurry but they matter. pic.twitter.com/w8kp0GMtsG

— Blair Braverman (@BlairBraverman) September 16, 2019

She’s so much cooler than me. pic.twitter.com/QrLxI3jFVi

— Blair Braverman (@BlairBraverman) September 16, 2019

pick her up in your convertible at 3 pic.twitter.com/FubqCOYuVx

— Blair Braverman (@BlairBraverman) September 16, 2019

Needless to say, her post prompted a flurry of reaction from fellow pet lovers, all of whom took to Twitter to share image of their dogs sporting 'Doggles' or showing off their new sunglasses. Here's what they posted:

My guy got laser light treatments recovering from a spinal cord injury and he got to wear DOGGLES during his treatments! pic.twitter.com/LEFtIC2VCz

— Carol ✝️✡️☪️☸️❤️ (@CarolKramerMK) September 16, 2019

Pippi has some too but she doesn't seem to enjoy them as much as Flame! pic.twitter.com/nrvyt9yCPA

— Nancy (@NancyAllen_77) September 16, 2019

My pupper got some too! We call them his doggles. pic.twitter.com/APH2hFOCm8

— Sarah Madsen (@UnfetteredMuse) September 16, 2019

Doris has had hers for 7 years pic.twitter.com/lQllfW7EW8

— DorisCantSayCunt (@DorisBaccyPouch) September 16, 2019

This is Cassie showing off her new sunglasses pic.twitter.com/ZtLovdPCM0

— Paloma Lang (@soy_yo_paloma) September 16, 2019

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