Dog or Unicorn? Meet Narwhal, the Puppy with a Tail Growing Out of His Forehead

A puppy who has a tail growing out the middle of its head was found and adopted by a dog rescue charity while he was wandering the streets alone. The pup, around ten weeks old, was found in Missouri by Mac's Mission, a charity that looks after dogs with special needs.

And he has a name now! The tiny pup has been named Narwhal, which refers to the appendage sprouting from his head. A Twitter handle called "We Rate Dogs" shared a few photos of the puppy, and said that he hasn't wagged his little tail yet, although he's trying very, very hard.

The doggo has a full name, which sure sounds royal - “Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn”.

The Independent reports that the charity has given Narwhal a clean bill of health, after a scan revealed that he did not have any bones in the second tail, meaning he wouldn't be able to wag it.

From actor Zach Braff to dog lovers, people around the globe are showering their love on this unique kiddo, who only seems to want cuddles and play with his toys.

Twitter has given its verdict: Narwhal is a "puppycorn."