Dog Picks Up Fight With a Lion at Gujarat’s Gir National Park; Shocking Video Goes Viral

Team Latestly

Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is known for being the last abode of Asiatic lions which are protected in the national park. With the species of lions in the park being endangered, the park is fully protected. Time and again, multiple videos have surfaced showing a pack of lions strolling down roads inside the national park. However, the latest one is a little beyond comprehension. A video going viral on social media shows a dog fighting with a lion! Yes, you read that right. A full-grown lion can be seen quarrelling with a little dog in the footage. The video has gone viral on social media with people exclaiming at the luck of the dog that it escaped the hands of a lion. 'Pride of Gujarat' Asiatic Lioness In Gir Forest Being Harassed by Locals is Caught on Camera, Watch the Shocking Video.

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While, there have been incidents of Gir lions being teased by humans, this is the first time, a dog decided to pick up a fight with the King of the Jungle. The video shows the lion lying amidst trees when the dog passes by. We are not sure what initiated the fight, but both the animals can be seen engaged in a fight. The lion hits the dog with his paws, but the dog does not intend at giving up, instead goes against the lion. The lion then falls to the ground when the dog runs away. Man Teases Lioness With Live Chicken in Gir, Gets Arrested (Video)

Watch the video below:

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Reportedly, an official at Gir National Park said that this video of a lion and dog fighting is the first video of its kind. Gir Forest Reserve is increasing the grassland which has become a natural habitat for the animals. In the recent past, multiple videos of people teasing lions with hens had gone viral. Following which the Gujarat government strengthened the laws for those illegally attracting an Asiatic lion's attention at the park. The Gir National Park and Sanctuary is spread over an area of 1,500 square kilometres in Gujarat.