Dog Names Keith Hailed as Hero for Rescuing Hedgehog Caught in a Fishing Net

Dogs are known to be among the kindest of animals and they are always available to help anyone in need. The latest example of a dog’s going viral for its good deeds comes from Wakefield in England, where a pooch helped in untangling a hedgehog from a trapping net.

The incident has been shared online by the Facebook page of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA - England & Wales). The noble act has made many netizens fall in love with Keith, the rescue dog.

The incident took place in a cricket pavilion and was noticed on time by Keith and his owner when they were out for a walk on May 15.

The official post read, “This little hog got himself in a little bit of a prickle! Luckily for him, a dog named Keith spotted him whilst out walking with his owner. Keith found him just in the nick of time, meaning we were able to rescue and release him back into the wild, uninjured.”

The animal welfare and rescue organization also urged people to stop keeping sports equipment in a way that can end up in hurting wildlife and animals, “who may not be just as lucky!”

The post has received more than 600 shares, with a lot of appreciation for the dog and love to the hedgehog. A Facebook user wrote, “Glad the little fellow got rescued... it's heartbreaking to see wildlife suffering because of human irresponsibility and thoughtlessness.”

Another user applauded Keith for acting on time to save an animal in need. “Thank god this little thing was rescued before any injuries happening or possibly death,” the person said.