Does Lionel Messi Really Have This Popular Comedian’s Face Tattooed on His Back?

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Lionel Messi was caught on camera walking back to his dressing room and eagle-eyed fans could not help notice the tattoo that he was sporting on his back. The tattoo looked remarkably similar to English comedian Noel Fielding, a fact that was highlighted by the man himself.

The video shows the Barcelona and Argentina forward entering his team’s dressing room after victory on the weekend. Since the camera followed his every move, it followed him back to the dressing room as well, and it was during his walk that the tattoo gained prominence.

Fielding took to Twitter to share the video, alongside the caption, "I always knew Messi would get a tattoo of me on his back one day x"

And needless to say fans of the comedian were delighted, even though; the tattoo is of Messi's mother.

While a few showed off their own versions of Fielding tattoos, another person wrote, "Big Bake Off fan. He's also got one of Sandi appropriately lower down."

A third person wrote, "That's amazing. All the best people have Noel Fielding tattoos x"

Here's what they posted:

Lionel Messi scored two free kicks as he got his first hat-trick of the season in a 4-1 win over Celta Vido on Saturday, taking Barcelona back to the top of the points table in the La Liga.