Does the new Farm Bill take away farmers’ right to go to court? Let’s talk | Times Now i-Explain

Today we will talk about the issue of dispute resolution as has been laid out in the farm bills. What is dispute resolution? Simply put, it means that if I sell my produce to a trader and there’s a disagreement, he doesn’t pay or gives a lesser price…what can I do about it? What’s the process?

It's spelt out under Chapter 3 of the FARMERS’ PRODUCE TRADE AND COMMERCE (PROMOTION AND FACILITATION) BILL, 2020. IF YOU SEE THE ENTIRE PROCESS FROM FILING OF DISPUTE TO SETTLING OF THE FINAL APPEAL…the maximum time frame is 90 days. This means, that farmers should be able to get their problem solved within 3 months…the idea behind doing this was to save them from being left hanging in long-running court cases given the case pendency in our country. the entire process of dispute resolution above can also be carried out SUO MOTO by govt agencies from the centre or state. The only conditions are that all parties involved MUST BE GIVEN A CHANCE TO PRESENT THEIR SIDE and that the whole process must be wrapped up WITHIN 60 DAYS.