Doctors welcome India’s approval to ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine

New Delhi, Apr 12 (ANI): Subject Expert Committee of union government on April 12 approved Dr Reddy's application for emergency use authorisation to Russian COVID vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ in India. With this, India has now three COVID-19 vaccines in use. Welcoming the step, Medical Superintendent of RML Hospital, Dr Rana AK Singh said, “This is a welcoming step as more will be merrier. Because the more people will be vaccinated, the more will be saved from coronavirus. So, this is a welcoming step and one should doubt the emergency use authorisation of Sputnik V.” Senior Director - Cath Lab of Max Hospital, Dr Manoj Kumar said, “Today is a very important day for COVID vaccines as Sputnik V has been approved for emergency use authorisation. It has a 91% efficacy so this is an efficient vaccine. And since, we are facing shortage of vaccines so it will increase the capacity.”