Doctors perform sex change operation on toddler

Indo Asian News Service

Moscow, Nov 30 (IANS/RIA Novosti) A two-year-old boy underwent a sex change operation in a southern Russia city after doctors discovered that he had been born 'with a set of female chromosomes and reproductive organs'.

Oksana S., 29, gave birth to the baby boy in Rostov without any complications. However, several days later doctors confirmed the diagnosis of female pseudohermaphroditism.

The shocked parents, who had anticipated a boy, had already named their son Alexander.

According to the mother, concerns arose during pregnancy when doctors could not identify the baby's gender using ultrasound scanning.

'On the monitor the baby even had his face covered with his hands,' Oksana told Life News, published Tuesday. Further tests took two years, during which the parents did not sign the birth certificate, referred to the child by its surname in all documents and avoided gender-orientated clothes and toys.

The life-changing operation took seven hours, during which surgeons corrected the damaged internal reproductive organs.

'The child will develop as a girl, but will require constant monitoring by an endocrinologist,' said Vladimir Sizonov, head of the Urology Department at the Children's Regional Hospital in Rostov.

Afterwards, the baby's name was officially changed to Ksenia.

'She will have to take hormones for the rest of her life,' the mother said, adding: 'But I'm so happy that we've left this nightmare behind. I believe that one day my little one will become a beautiful woman.'

The parents have decided to keep Ksenia's sex change a secret.

'I'm worried that she'll eventually find out about the operation and that she'll be unhappy with the choice we made for her,' Oksana admitted.

Little Ksenia does not understand why she has to wear uncomfortable dresses. Sitting on the floor among scattered dolls, her hand still reaches for toy cars.