Doctors Day 2020: These Real Life Heroes and Covid Warriors are an Inspiration to All

India celebrates Doctors Day on July 1. As the name suggests the day is observed to laud the efforts of our doctors who work tirelessly to provide the best care and treatment when we are sick.

The day is observed to remember the birth and death anniversaries of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, former chief minister of West Bengal and one of the most popular doctors in the nation.

Doctors are not only responsible for curing us of a disease but also of listening to our rants peacefully and carefully while we are sick.

Take a look at some of these doctors whose stories are no less than an inspiration.

Sharing how her profession is both giving and consuming, a female doctor mentioned how she learned the Gayatri Mantra from one of her patients. In a post shared by Humans of Bombay Facebook page, she has mentioned how a woman in the general ward gave doctors a tough time. The native of Assam also urged people to be more empathetic towards doctors as they are the ones who are working for long hours just to ensure that no stone remains unturned when it comes to curing someone.

Doctors like any other person are vulnerable and passionate. Sana Sheikh not only studied medicine but also made sure she acts like medicine in a ruptured society. At the age of 19, while she was studying in a medical school, she started working with an NGO that works for rehabilitating prostitutes. The case given to her was that of an 11-year-old. The way in which she treated the little girl is proof of how human empathy is most effective. She went a step ahead and financially adopted the little girl.

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the entire world. Majority of us are locked in our houses to prevent the contraction of the virus. But a doctor on the contrary is exposed to many more people who have actually tested positive. A doctor and his family tested positive for the deadly virus and the way in which he dealt with the virus just proves that our doctors are no less than warriors

Even though doctors are the most selfless people, one cannot deny that a lot of people indulge in violence against them. A doctor shared her journey about the challenges that she has been facing in her profession. She mentions how each patient is different and the human body is not a machine and each case needs to be dealt in their own way. She has also touched upon the topic of violence against medical practitioners.