Doctor Couple in Gujarat Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Taking Vaccine Shot

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A doctor-couple from Ahmedabad has tested positive for coronavirus even after taking both the doses of the vaccine. Even though the couple has no major symptoms, they have quarantined themselves. The husband, Dr Dilip Dhave, is a pathologist, while his wife Dr Bela Dave is a professor at AMC-run dental college in Khokhra.

The duo had taken the Covid-19 tests as part of the duty and had no symptoms as such. This is reported to be the second such case in the past few days where individuals tested positive for coronavirus despite completing the vaccination doses. However, experts have said that such incidents should not dampen the ongoing vaccination drive. "None of the vaccinations can claim 100% efficacy – while some have claimed 70% effectiveness, others have claimed 81%. But vaccination is required to ensure that even when a person is infected, the morbidity and mortality remain low," Dr Mukesh Maheshwari, a pathologist and a committee member in Gujarat chapter of Indian Medical Association (IMA), was quoted as saying by the Times of India.

This incident comes at a time when India has been showing a slight surge in the daily count of coronavirus cases, while vaccination drive has been going on as well. In Gujarat, 890 new cases were recorded on Monday, while total of 24,492 cases were clocked across the country.

A state government official said 1,07,323 people were vaccinated against COVID-19 on Monday, including 89,138 in the senior citizen and 45 years plus with comorbidity groups. So far, 20,69,918 people have got the first dose of the vaccine and 5,15,842 have received the second dose.

The recovery count in the state is 2,69,955, which is 96.72 per cent of the caseload, and the death toll stands at 4,425, leaving it with 4,717 active cases, including 56 critical ones, he added.

“Surat led with 262 new cases, followed by 209 in Ahmedabad, 97 in Vadodara and 95 in Rajkot. Other districts saw cases in the 18-30 range,” the official said.