DJ Don Nova, A Renowned Artist & Entrepreneur Proves Success Is Always The Result Of Immense Hardwork & Dedication!

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Don Noble also known as DJ Don Nova is one of the renowned American Influencers from Jamaica, New York. From his younger days, Don Nova had a passion for music and being a DJ. He decided to make his passion into career and worked every day until it really happened. Well, today, he is one of the most loved DJ artists out there.

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Don Noble was born and raised in Southside Jamaica Queens. He grew up watching the work of some amazing DJs to ever lay hands on the turntables. Some of his favourites were DJ Stretch Armstrong, Roc Raida Funk Master Flex and DJ Clark Kent. When he was in the seventh grade, his mother understood how serious he is about his love for Hip Hop and being a DJ. She gifted him his first set of Gemini Direct-Drive Turntables.

Don Nova's happiness had no bounds on receiving such big presents. He decided to practice day and night and excel his craft in being an elite DJ. While Hip Hop is his love, he also knows everything about R&B, Caribbean, Jazz, Pop, EDM, Alternative and Rock.

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DJ Don Nova started his career by playing at playing teen parties at various venues within Queens. In no time, he became well-known and got offers to play at various events and big parties in the city. People would call him the hot DJ when he linked up DJ Skillz da Spinna. Success and grand gigs started coming to Don Nova's doorstep as he started DJ’ing parties Out of State at Colleges, and Clubs around and out of the US in places such as ATL (Atlanta, GA), Washington D.C, MIA (Miami, FL), Toronto, Canada and Indianapolis, IN.

During his big tours and events, DJ Don Dova played alongside popular DJs & Hip Hop artists. The more he kept DJ-ing, the more his popularity rose such that he had featured on multiple Radio and streaming platforms. DJ Don Nova also has hosted several weekly mix shows like They Call Me Donnie Show and ALLORNUTHN Radio Show.

People love what DJ Don Nova does with his music and along with that, they admire his fashion sense too. He's been cited as the "Stylish DJ” with a “Down to Earth” personality. His admirers/fans also call him “DR Amore” because of the way he advices people and his kind and humble nature.

Don Nova has tasted good success as DJ and that gave him confidence to expand his horizons and enter the world of real estate and be an entrepreneur. He decided to cater towards real estate development and consulting firm in New York City. Along with that, he started the fashion advice line called 'Style by Donnie Amor'. Through this, he gives fashion and style advice to his wide array of clients. One can rely for best tips on how to look their best whether it's the Corporate look or casual Avatar too!

During the quarantine in 2020, DJ Don Nova fulfilled his dream of being a talk show host. He used to host a weekly show called “Love and Justice". The show turned out to be a success and has a huge fan following. Soon, new podcasts of the same will be out on different platforms.

DJ Don Nova hopes for a better 2021. He has a lot more to achieve. With his creative skills, he built a reputation for himself as a DJ. He is a successful entrepreneur and a fashion inspiration to people too. He proved how one can master different fields if they are willing to do their best in everything.