DIY Cocktail Recipe: How to make whisky and whine cocktail Saffron Leisure (Watch Video) Staff
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DIY Cocktail Recipe: How to make whisky and whine cocktail Saffron Leisure (Watch Video)

Afzal Kaba of United Spirits tells us how to make a wonderfully flavorful whisky and wine cocktail with pineapple juice and saffron syrup: Saffron Leisure.

Saffron syrup is infused with a lot of alcoholic drinks to make delicious and flavorful cocktails. Gin goes particularly well with the spiced syrup. The cocktail usually also have other citrusy syrups or juices and fruit juices. This particular cocktail called Saffron Leisure uses a Black and White whisky base, lime juice for the citrusy flavor, pineapple juice for the fruity flavor and also as a sweetener and of course, saffron syrup for the unique spiced flavor. The drink also has a little Chenin Blanc White Wine to make the cocktail a little balanced.

To end with, a star anise is added for garnish and also to add a warm spicy flavor to the drink. The color of the end result drink might not be the most attractive of all, but the unique spice combination ties everything together nicely and one is immediately drawn in to the flavors. ALSO READ: DIY Beetroot Cocktail Recipe: How to make Cafe Beetroot vodka and wine cocktail (Watch Video)

Saffron Leisure Recipe


Black and White Whisky: 50 ml

Saffron Syrup: 10 ml

Lime Juice: 15 ml

Pineapple Juice: 30 ml

Chenin Blanc White Wine: 15 ml

Star Anise for garnishing

Whisky Glass

Ice Cubes


1. Take the whisky glass and put a couple of ice cubes in it and put it aside to chill.

2. Pour Black and White whisky, saffron syrup, lime juice, pineapple juice and Chenin Blanc White wine in a cocktail shaker. ALSO READ: DIY Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe: How to make triple gold reserve easy Old Fashioned (Video)

3. Put a few ice cubes in the shaker and shut it tightly.

4. Now give the shaker a few good, strong shakes, so that all the ingredients are mixed properly.

5. Now using a sieve, remove the water that has collected in the whisky glass, due to melting of ice.

6. Strain the cocktail into the whisky glass that already has ice cubes.

7. Garnish your drink with a star anise.

Watch the full video of how to make Saffron Leisure here:

Recipe Courtesy: Afzal Kaba, United Spirits

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