Diwali 2017: Here are 6 Diwali Style Tips For Men To Nail The Ethnic Look This Festive Season

Shreya Suresh Kumar
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Diwali 2017: Here are 6 Diwali Style Tips For Men To Nail The Ethnic Look This Festive Season

Diwali is finally here. Ladies are all ready to look gorgeous in festive outfits. Now it is men's turn to make sure they are not far behind in the styling game. Thus, to help them achieve this, here are 6 styling tips for Diwali.

Diwali is finally here. After so many weeks of waiting and preparations, today is the first day of Diwali also known as Dhanteras. Dhanteras is the day when people all over India buy gold and other new stuff including clothes, accessories, new car and so on. This is that time of the year when people love getting dressed up and bring out their traditional attire. Women have wide variety of options when it comes to styling. From wearing different outfits to trying out new accessories or makeup, there is a lot that women can actually do.  But for men, ideas are very limited. Men do not have much to do. However if you want to nail the festive look this Diwali, here are 5 styling tips that will ensure even you look good today. The trick is how you style your outfit properly.

Pick a Khadi Kurta 

Khadi Kurta always looks elegant and stylish. So ditch your regular kurta and go for a khadi one and team it up with a pair of sherwani pant.

Add a Nehru Jacket

If you want to look festive in every true sense, the best way to do it is by wearing a Nehru jacket. If you do not want to buy a new kurta, just wear one of your old ones and wear a Nehru Jacket over the Kurta and you are ready to go.

Pick a traditional footwear

Ditch your oxford shoes and formal footwear, instead wear jooti or a traditional chappal. Your footwear plays a very important role in your outfit. It brings a touch of style and glam to your outfit. So even if your outfit is simple, your choice fo footwear will give it a festive touch.

Opt for more vibrant colors

Do not wear dark or dull colors. Since Diwali is about lights and colors, opt for a bright shade of kurta. Bottle green, royal blue and orange are some colors that you can opt for.

Color blocking will look stylish

Try the trick that several woman do. Color blocking makes your outfit look stylish and vibrant. It adds a perfect festive look. So for instance, if you have worn a blue color kurta, you can wear a cream or a light yellow color pyjama.

Roll up the sleeves of your kurta

Full sleeves Kurta look good and hot only if they are tight. If your Kurta sleeves are loose, it is always the best option to roll them up. And rolled up sleeves increases the sexy quotient.

These are 6 Diwali styling tips for men that will come handy this Diwali. When the ladies can look so drop dead gorgeous in festive outfits, men should also up their Diwali styling game this year.