Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita Bhalla to return in an all new avatar after death in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Shweta Mahesh
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Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita Bhalla to return in an all new avatar after death in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Divyanka Tripathi to come back from the dead in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

For all Divyanka Tripathi and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fans, there is a lot of good news. Divyanka recently confirmed to a tabloid that Ishita Bhalla will be killed in an attempt to save Pihu which led to news about Divyanka walking out of the show. Though Karan Patel refused to comment on it and said that he has no idea about the development, fans were mighty upset with this progress.  But the good news is that Divyanka is not walking out of the show after all. The actress will die in the show and a fan club uploading a video of a funeral sequence confirms this news.

But Divyanka will don an all new avatar in the show and we’ll see her as a simple wife with a very simple attire. We won’t be seeing the stylish Ishita Bhalla in the show for a long time. Divyanka recently uploaded a selfie on Instagram and captioned it, “#BeingSimplySuhagan #YHM This look is inspired by all those Indian women who look their best in their simplest. #BhartiyaNariSabsePyari”. Divyanka looks so pretty in the picture, we can’t wait to see how the story turns on the show. It’s going to be one hell of a dramatic ride for the audience. (ALSO READ: Oh No! Divyanka Tripathi to QUIT Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?)

Check out this video posted by a fan club of the upcoming funeral.

And this picture of divyanka’s new avatar.

The show had a leap recently where Ishita parted ways with her family for over two years. Looks like there is going to be a disaster yet again. The Bhalla family will be seen dealing with Ishita’s death and Raman will be scared to see her back in their lives. Though Ishita won’t be herself and might be a doppleganger. We are not quite sure how the track is going to change after this once Ishita comes back. Will she put up an act for the family or will she be a completely different person? Tell us what you think in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more.