Divine Safeguard: Residents of This Village in Madhya Pradesh Install ‘Corona Mahadev’

Residents of a village in Madhya Pradesh have installed an idol of lord Shiva inside a police station and named the deity ‘Corona Mahadev’.

The incident has happened in Chichli village of Betul district where the thana in-charge installed the idol in a small temple inside the police station campus in a bid to ‘safeguard’ the town from the global pandemic.

Last year, an old idol got damaged after a branch of a pipal tree fell on it. Ahead of his retirement, the station in-charge RD Sharma invited two priests and got the new idol installed.

Locals, most of whom are tribals, believe the village has remained safe from the virus, despite a number of cases being reported from the district due to the blessings of Lord Shiva.

On their suggestion, Sharma decided to name the idol ‘Corona Mahadev’.

(With inputs from Rishu Naidu)