Disturbing Footage Of Toddler Being Used As Faith Healer

Katelyn Christabel is about three years old according to her Facebook page which is now followed by over 100,000 people. She doesn’t fully comprehend it yet, but she has the ability to cure cancer, fix aches and pains, and cure infections— all probably without ever having stepped into a medical school.

There’s no shortage of charlatans in India. But Katelyn looks like a rare case of a toddler being cast in the role of a miracle healer.

At the behest of Reverend Paul Dawson, Kateyln screams things like “I release the power” and raises her palm at disciples who enter a trance, start convulsing, and awake claiming to be healed of their indisposition.

Watch her ‘cure’ a follower who claims to have both blood and bone cancer. Dawson points a mic at Katelyn and instructs her to say things like “Cancer die” and “Satan come out”.

Then there’s this clip of Katelyn flooring an entire audience with her ‘power’.

Dawson runs a faith healing centre in Arumbakkam in Chennai.

His website says, "At Miracle Healing Centre, we are committed to creating an atmosphere which allows the Holy Spirit to move in total liberty and liberate people, enabling them to walk in the fullness of God. As per the vision, Miracle Healing Centre is completely filled with miracle power."

The website further claims: "Instantaneous miracles take place in every meeting. Bondages are broken, the sick are healed and the oppressed are delivered."

We have reached out to Dawson for comments and will update our report if he responds.