After distributing Fabiflu, Gautam Gambhir reacts to ‘hoarding’ claims | Covid

After receiving flak for giving out 'free Flabiflu' in his parliamentary constituency East Delhi, BJP MP Gautam Gambhir on Thursday asked if a few strips of Fabiflu he obtained is causing its shortage and said he is proud to save somebody's life in this pandemic. "If a few 100 strips of tablets obtained from a distributor are being given for free, then, can it be called 'hoarding'? Is my obtaining a few strips of Fabiflu causing the shortage?", he said. "Those people, who let Remdesivir sell for Rs 30,000- Rs 40,000, or one hospital bed being given out for 5-10 lakhs, are calling this 'hoarding'?" he added. Watch the full video for more details.