Dissolve MCD, hold fresh polls: AAP

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New Delhi, May 31 (PTI) The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Monday hit out at the BJP over the non-payment of salaries to MCD employees and sought fresh elections to the civic body.

The BJP, however, accused the AAP government of not releasing funds it owes to the corporation.

Earlier in the day, the Delhi High Court directed the North Municipal Corporation of Delhi (North MCD) to disclose its list of assets and bank balance to examine the issue of non-payment of salaries to the employees and pensions for those retired, saying the right to receive dues constitutes their fundamental right.

The high court warned it will now start attaching the civic body's properties as the employees and retired staff cannot wait endlessly for salaries and pensions.

AAP leader Durgesh Pathak demanded that the municipal corporation should be dissolved and fresh elections be held.

'An embarrassing day for BJP's MCD, High Court will auction properties of MCD to pay salaries to employees. BJP has looted MCD for 15 years so much that today there is no money to pay salaries to employees,' he said in a statement.

'BJP no longer has any right to remain in MCD… MCD should be dissolved and fresh elections should be held,' he added.

However, Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor asked Pathak to stop shedding 'crocodile tears' for MCD employees and release funds that the Arvind Kejriwal government owes to the corporation.

'Durgesh Pathak should know the three MCDs have paid salaries to their employees as well as they could after the Delhi government released their first quarter funds in middle of May after a 46-day delay,” Kapoor said.

“If Durgesh Pathak is really concerned about MCD employees’ salaries, he should ask the Delhi government to release all arrears of municipal funds and henceforth, release quarterly funds on due dates,' Kapoor added. PTI UZM RHL

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