Disquiet over mobile tower vandalism by Punjab Government

The state police have fanned out across the affected districts to restore power to these towers, amid increasing outrage over incidents of about 2,000 Reliance Jio Infocomm cellphone towers being vandalised, allegedly by protesting farmers' groups.

While company sources said that many base transceiver stations and fibre optic cables in the state were also vandalised apart from about 2,000 towers, senior police officers reported that there was little damage to the towers in most cases, with the vandals, allegedly local youth sponsored by gram panchayat members, only targeting power supply lines to the towers.

In order to guard the towers, district police chiefs have formed patrolling parties and state their immediate concern is to restore the functionality of these towers. In most of the districts, the police reported that eighty percent of the towers affected had been restored to function.