Disney+ Launching On April 3 In India: Everything You Need To Know

Sharmishte Datti

Disney+, one of the much-awaited streaming services, is set to go live on April 3 on India. Disney announced the release date in a press note, just days after the new service went live in seven European countries. Even with most of the world is under lockdown right now, Disney is going ahead with the India launch.

Launching the new streaming service amidst a lockdown could certainly have its perks as more people could sign up to explore Disney Plus. Earlier, it was announced that Disney + would begin rolling out in India on March 29. However, the new date has been officially announced to release on April 3.

Disney+ Hotstar Price

Disney+ in India will be operating as Disney+ Hotstar, where an additional bouquet will be offered for interested buyers. The collaboration with Hotstar means that all its subscribers will automatically be upgraded to the new subscription plans. Of course, there's a revision of the price of every plan now and users will need to pay the new rates upon renewal.

Currently, the premium Hotstar subscription costs Rs. 999 for a year. With the added Disney Plus, the yearly subscription will cost Rs. 1,400. Disney+ Hotstar Premium subscribers will have access to over 100 series and 250 superhero and animated titles, including Disney+ Originals and shows from HBO, Fox, and Showtime.

For now, there's no news if the Hotstar will be available without the Disney bouquet at the existing Rs. 999 yearly package. Additionally, Hotstar has Rs. 365 yearly package as well. With Disney+ coming in, the price of this plan is also expected to go up to Rs. 399 for a year.

Presently, Hotstar claims to have more than 300 million monthly active users in India. With the IPL season kicking off from March to May, there's usually a massive spike in the userbase. However, with the ongoing lockdown due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, the IPL season has been canceled. As Disney+ is now coming to India, Hotstar might have another surge of subscribers, although it's hard to be certain at the moment.

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