‘Dislike’ Option May Soon Be A Reality on Facebook

About time!

After offering a slew of "Reaction" buttons for posts last year, Facebook may soon add a new reaction "Dislike" for Facebook Messenger, a media report said.

According to reports, Facebook was testing out a "thumbs down" reaction in addition to the already available reactions. The reactions are similar to the current six reaction buttons for posts, but also includes a thumbs down button. The feature also includes a reaction counter, which would list the number of reactions on any given line.

The difference would be the availability of a "Dislike" button in the Messenger. The same button would not appear in the list of reactions available for posts.

The new feature in Messenger would allow users to add reaction emojis next to the text in conversations. Users could do this by clicking on a button next to text.

In February, Facebook celebrated the first anniversary of "Reactions" and recorded 300 billion "Reactions" on posts and the "Love" reaction was used maximum times by its over 1.79 billion users.